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The artist Ovila quickly explores different facets of art such as drawing, music, painting, choreography, fashion and sets. He has written several choreographic shows, drums and clarions, and fashion shows.

Visual designer of shows on the one hand and graphic designer and graphic designer on the other hand, Ovila distinguishes itself and realizes several logos, posters and layout for multiple professional projects. Ovila painted in acrylic on canvas or on wood. His works are inspired by the imagination. The dream, the humor, the flight of his subjects make him an allegorical artist. The paintings of artist Ovila are, in fact, inspired by his life. Her wish is to touch people so that they integrate their art into their own lives.

Work Mandate

  • Design and Development of a Sample Web Page for E-Commerce Matching

  • Content integration

  • SMO SEO Referencing

  • Website management (Basic)

Used Technology

  • Content Management System: None

  • Programming Language: HTML5, Java Script


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